Information in English

Brottsofferjouren Östra Östergötland (Victim support centre) is a political and religious independent non profit organization. If you are a victim of a crime, if you need help, support and someone to talk to, if you have questions regarding the lawsuit or if you need someone by your side during the trail or the hearing you can contact us.

Are you a victim of a crime? Do you need help and support to move on with your life? Then we may be an option for you. At Brottsofferjouren you meet experienced support people (stödpersoner) and witness support (vittnesstöd) whose work is to help and listen to victims of crime, witnesses and relatives.

They can also help you if you have questions regarding the trail process, if you need help in your contact with authorities or if you need support during the hearing or the trail.

The contact is usually by telephone, but it’s also possible to make a personal appointment with your stödperson. However we never do home visits unless exceptional circumstances occurs.

All the volunteers who works for us has an obligation to observe silence, which means that they under no circumstances may pass forward what has been entrusted between you and the volunteer.

We do not keep records with information about you and when you ending your contact with us all your contact details will be erased.

If you want you can chose to be completely anonymous in your contact with us.

All our help is free of charge.